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By 2013 Labour and Employment will be a united team and leading Ministry in providing timely, quality and professional services to its clients in compliance with the service standards.

“Re sebeletsa uena.”


We pledge to adhere to International Labour Standards by promoting and facilitating employment opportunities, skills development required by labour market, sound labour relations management, tripatism, social dialogue, social justice, healthy and safe working conditions, and accessible and timely dispute resolution for all stakeholders

Functional Objectives

  • To formulate, review and enforce labour legislation in order to keep abreast with international labour standards and to ensure adherence to national labour standards;
  • To provide training to social partners in order to minimize conflict at workplaces and cultivate the culture of negotiations between workers and employers;
  • To resolve disputes through mediation, conciliation arbitration and adjudication in order to promote industrial peace and harmony;
  • To strengthen tripartism and social dialogue in order to promote social understanding and harmony;
  • To formulate and monitor the implementation of employment policies and promote employment opportunities in order to create a conducive environment for the creation of employment and ensure social peace and economic growth and stability;
  • To promote statistical information on trends in the labour market in order to minimize distortions and facilitate decision making by potential investors;
  • To establish a national social security scheme in order to promote the welfare of employees;
  • To promote occupational safety, health and welfare in order to prevent the occurrence and/minimize the adverse effects of industrial accidents and illnesses;
  • To develop policies and strategies and monitor their implementation in order to safeguard the welfare of migrant workers and their dependants;
  • To formulate national policies on HIV and AIDS and Employment and monitor their implementation in order to prevent the spread of the virus and to protect the rights of people living with HIV and AIDS at work;
  • To ratify and monitor the implementation of the Core ILO conventions in order to enhance industrial peace and harmony;
  • To provide skills training to the retrenched miners in order to enable re-absorption;
  • To establish a National Productivity Centre in order to sustain the national economy;
  • To disseminate information to the clients; stakeholders and the public concerning the different activities of the Ministry of Employment and Labour in order to empower them with labour and employment matters;
  • To maintain an effective and efficient administrative system in order to provide reliable support to the Ministry’s internal operations and the provision of professional services to the Ministry’s clients.