We embrace the National Vision, engender it, sport it and empower women and men, girls and boys.
  The Department of Gender
The Department of gender Strives to promote equal opportunities for women, men, girls and boys,so that development efforts may exert positive impact on all gender issues.
  The Department of Youth
The Department of Youth promotes the
dignity and self-esteem
of all Lesotho youth; to ensure their
full and productive egagement
in the social, economic and
political development of
the country.
  The Department of Sport and Recreation

The Department of Sport and Recreation strives to create a conducive environment for the development of Sport through improved governance, infrastructure, tecnical and fiancial support.



Smart Partnership
In his statement on the occasion of the opening of the 7th Parliament, 15 March, 2007, His Majesty king Letsie III reacalled that one of the milestone achievements of the 16th Parliament was the enactment of the Legal Capacity of Married Persons Act, 2006, with a view to unleqashing the potential of women in the development of Lesotho through the removal of constraints hitherto imposed by a battery of discriminatory legislations....
Sporting Excellence
The Ministry works towards the advancement of Gender equity and equality; the enhancement of sporting excellence and the integration of youth
in the socio-economic and political development
of the country.
  Administration Department
The Department of Administration plays a supportive role to all other departments. It is comprised of the following units: Planning Unit, Infrastructure Unit, Legal Unit, Information Unit, Accounts Unit, Procurement Unit, Human Resources unit...