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The 2016 has been a significant year for Lesotho as the nation celebrated the golden Jubillee since the country gained independence from the British protectorate.

During the celebration which was marked by numerous performances and activities, His Majesty said the religious leaders reminded Basotho of the importance of jubilee, saying it is a time for introspection, reflection on achievements and challenges as well as for building strong relationships that will help the nation to do things differently.

His Majesty said this in his message for the new year, saying the highlights of the golden jubilee celebration included the lighting of the independence torch which rotated in all the10 districts of the country to convey the message of peace to the entire Basotho nation. 

He therefore urged Basotho as they are about to enter into the next journey of 50 years to do things differently thus by maintaining peace and love that, Moshoeshoe I, founder of the nation left as his legacy. He urged them to continue with introspection even in the coming year.

He said Basotho should also remember the slogan that unites them which says ''All in diversity'', adding that they should be united to move the country forward in various areas of development.

He said besides the historic celebration, the 2016 still saw divisions in party politics and that, he said has affected the oneness of the nation while at the same time shaken the government and foreign investment.

On that note, His Majesty appealed to political leaders to put the interests of Basotho as priority while he urged the nation to request God for guidance in all they plan to do for the development of the country. 

He further stated that this year saw the launch of the reforms process on key issues such as the Constitution, saying that is an achievement in strengthening democracy in the country. 

He however appealed to all to take part in the reforms so that the process can be of benefit and importance to all sectors of the community.

On global issues particularly climate change, His Majesty advised the nation to do all it can to reduce its impact by embarking on projects that can help in adaptation and improved livelihoods. 

He urged Researchers to identify seeds that can produce enough food for increased and improved nutrition purposes in the country.

He said in 2014 he was appointed as the African Union Nutrition Champion and that selection was renewed this year until 2020. 

He further announced that he has also been appointed as the Special Ambassador on Nutrition for Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO).

''This selection is an honour to all Basotho and they should feel proud about it',' he stated.

His Majesty said issues of agriculture and nutrition are the responsibility of all to embark on to achieve household food security and nutrition, urging the nation to engage in soil conservation activities with a view to prevent soil erosion from further taking placing.

Talking about HIV and AIDS, he said there is need for continued efforts by all to curb the pandemic noting that the latest research shows that Lesotho is still the second with the highest HIV prevalence worldwide.

In conclusion, His Majesty wished all Basotho a prosperous 2017 and urged them to pray and celebrate with responsibility.

Source: LENA 31/12/2016

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