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The Prime Minister, Dr Pakalitha Mosisili officially launched Lesotho Reforms Programme at the occasion attended by Heads of Diplomatic Mission at 'Manthabiseng National Convention Centre on Monday.

In his keynote address, Dr Mosisili said the programme gives the country and its citizens an opportunity to look back and see where things went wrong and led this country into becoming the international community charity case.

The Prime Minister expressed hope that the programme will help the government to get to the bottom of challenges and problems faced by the country, saying the 50 years walk of independence is enough to see what mistakes were done and how they can be corrected and that the next 50 years should be approached with wisdom, which he said can only be achievable if the reforms are done truthfully, faithfully, with transparency, openly and people agree to disagree.

Dr Mosisili added that the programme is of monumental significance in the Kingdom and the departure from everyday issues that include escalating crime statistics, poverty, hunger to mention a few which he said are symptoms of institutional flaws such as a constitution which falls short of responding to problems of constitutional impulses, failures in service delivery of the judiciary, problems in the army, police, national intelligence service, and Lesotho Correctional Service.

''Only when these problems are dealt with in depth can we find a lasting solution. These reforms top the list of priorities of the coalition government as emphasised by His Majesty during the opening of the 9th Parliament last year that there is need for constitutional reform.” He said.

He also commented that among other things, the reforms will include re-visiting of the Parliament Mixed Member Proportional Representation for greater accountability of the House to the people, and regulation of formation of coalition government to restore stability and respect of electorate for the will of the people.

He said the intention of the government is to have the programme inclusive of every Mosotho, especially the public in order to get them informed of their part, hence why public consultations will be conducted in alignment with the international best practices.

Dr Mosisili recalled that in the 50 years of independence, the country has had three national flags which he said attests to the turbulence of the journey that has been traveled, further noting that this will be the third edition of the country's constitution, saying for this one to become a success, three committees have been established, one that consists of Cabinet Ministers, the second formed by Principal Secretaries and the third which is Lesotho Reform Programme Secretariat.

Also speaking was the Chairperson of an oversight committee deployed in Lesotho, Justice Frederick Werema, who also stressed need for the process to be inclusive and leave no one behind, saying that politicians must be part of it as unity will ensure that reforms are successful.

He said the press is one important part of society that needs to get involved in the programme as thus the government must ensure that it has correct information to disseminate to the public.

He advised that no one from anywhere in the world will solve Lesotho's problems, but the citizens.

In conclusion, Justice Werema said the launch marks a turning point to the history of Lesotho, further saying that most civilised way to resistance is through education and focusing on the mission and vision. 

The programme will be implemented with the support of the United Nations and SADC.


Source: LENA 05/12/2016

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