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The Minister of Home Affairs, Advocate Lekhetho Rakuoane says shortage of a 32 page regular passport does not make a difference with regard to applications for Lesotho Special Permit (LSP) as it is issued after two to three months.

This he said in interview with LENA, following rumors that some of the Basotho nationals who illegally work, study and do business in South Africa (SA) are worried that they might not be able to apply for LSP if they do not have passports.

Advocate Rakuoane told LENA in an interview that there is a shortage of the 32 page passport in the storage, however said this will not affect LSP application process since applicants only need a birth certificate and an Identity document (ID)  to apply for LSP which he said is issued after two to three months.

He therefore urged those who might not afford to pay for a 64 page passport to wait until the 32 page passport is available, indicating that the Ministry is striving to ensure that it is available after Christmas holidays.

Adv. Rakuoane however said the Ministry is currently issuing a 32 page passport for children while adults are encouraged to take 64 page passport since there is a shortage of 32 page passport in the storage.

Meanwhile, new LSP offices will be opened at some ports of entry in the country from Wednesday of 14 December so to continue with LSP registrations until the closing date which is December 31, 2016.

LENA has learnt that in cases where LSP applicants do not have a passport or an identity document, they are allowed to apply with a birth certificate and deposit a payment of M970 at any Lesotho Standard Bank using an identity number that appears on the birth certificate as reference number.


Source: LENA 12/12/2016

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