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Speaker of the National Assembly, Ms. Ntlhoi Motsamai has on Tuesday announced that the House will adjourn sine die quoting Standing Order No. 18.4, saying there was no time left for members to debate the motion.

She then left the house amidst shouting from some of the opposition members in protest that what has been done for the house to adjourn sine die, without the normal procedure, where the Leader of the House in this case Mr. Mothetjoa Metsing was supposed to have proposed the motion is not constitutional.

The Speaker could not give the reasons for the house to adjourn sine die and therefore the members were not given a chance to debate about the motion.

Member of Parliament representing Basotho National Party (BNP), Chief Joang Molapo shouted that they will be going to the courts of law to challenge the manner in which the house was adjourned.

“We are being governed by the cowards in this country,” he shouted as the Speaker led the procession out of the house.

Heavily armed police were present to ensure that there was no trouble at the parliament.

On the other hand, Ms. Motsamai had also made a statement about having received three motions from Chief Molapo that was seconded by Reformed Congress of Lesotho (RCL), MP, Mrs. 'Mamolula Ntabe intending to propose a motion of no confidence to the Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Mr. Monts'uoe Lethoba.

She pointed out that she convened a meeting at her office with these members to find out reasons for them to propose the motion but could not get any.

She said she was basing herself on standing order number 33(3), which says, 'A notice of motion or an amendment shall be submitted to the Speaker who shall direct that it be printed on the terms in which it was handed in; or it be printed with such alterations as may be directed; or it be returned to the Member who signed it, as being out of order.” she highlighted.

She pointed out that she has not yet made a ruling as she is still conducting a research before making the final ruling.

On the second motion from Member of Parliament representing Democratic Congress (DC), Mr. Refiloe Litjobo which wanted to propose a motion rescinding the ruling made by the Speaker of the house in relation to the correspondence from DC, she meanwhile, pointed out that she also convened a meeting at her office with Mr, Litjobo, in order to find out what he wanted to achieve out of the motion, she discovered that he wanted to challenge the ruling made by the Speaker.

Ms. Motsamai also clarified that it was not true that she has expelled some members of opposition in the house, saying she only wrote to them to show course why the Speaker could not take their seats to have been vacant based on the constitution of the country, sections 60 (1) (g).

She said these members have already challenged her at the courts of law, adding that their lawyer has already written to her about this.

The Speaker made it clear that the list of the members submitted to their lawyer was incorrect as it omitted the name of Mr. Samonyane Nts'ekele but wrongly included the name of Dr. Nthabiseng Makoae whom she had not written to.

Ms. Motsamai also said opposition parties had already taken her to the courts of law prohibiting her to pronounce the seats vacant on November 09, appealing to the courts of law to challenge her decision even before she could write to them. 

She therefore said they should all give the courts of law a chance to make a determination on the matter. She also warned the members that they have no right to discuss the issue under the Standing Order Number 43 (2), which says “A Member shall not refer to any matter on which a judicial decision is pending.”


Source: LENA 22/11/2016

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