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The High Commissioners from the Republic of Kenya and the Kingdom of Swaziland presented their letters of credence to His Majesty King Letsie III at the Royal Palace in Maseru on Thursday.

Receiving the credentials, His Majesty highlighted the respective co-existence of these countries with Lesotho each having unique bilateral cooperation and relations hoped to continue to enhance their bonds for the mutual benefit of their peoples.

Speaking of Swaziland's High Commissioner's tenure, His Majesty said the eminent history of friendship and cooperation between two sister countries has been epitomised by a series of high level exchange of visits, thereby expressing gratitude for the visit of His Majesty King Mswati III during Lesotho’s 50th Anniversary of Independence as well as the noteworthy presence of Prime Minister, Sibusiso Dlamini during the inauguration ceremony of his counterpart, Dr Motsoahae Thabane.

He said these sister countries share common membership to regional and international organisations such as the African Union (AU), the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) as well as the Commonwealth and the United Nations (UN) to mention a few.

Addressing the Republic of Kenya’s High Commissioner, His majesty said he is aware the high commissioner's appointment comes in the aftermath of the historical moment of democracy to the people of the country, saying like Lesotho, Kenya had just been to the elections and that he hopes the people of Kenya will continue to live with peace and harmony well beyond the elections.

He commended Kenya for playing the leadership role in the intergovernmental authority of the development as well as how it handles the emerging challenges such as terrorism.

His Majesty said the appointments of the two high commissioners thus of Swaziland and Kenya to Lesotho further demonstrate these countries' desires to strengthen the bonds of friendship and fraternal cooperation between their respective nations and Basotho.

Presenting her credentials, Mrs. Jean Njeri Kamau of the Republic of Kenya said her responsibility as the high commissioner representing her country will mainly be to enhance the existing relations between the two countries.

She cited the two countries' mutual interest and common desire to ensure improvement in the livelihoods of their nations through economic growth and equal opportunities for all.

In conclusion, she pledged her cooperation during her time as the High Commissioner to Lesotho in ensuring the achievement of the national priorities of the country.

In the same manner, the high commissioner of the Kingdom of Swaziland, Mrs. Dumsile Thandie Sukati commended His Majesty the King and his country for peaceful and fair elections held recently.

She said the two countries share common grounds in almost all fields while striving for peace and security of both countries, the Southern African Development Countries (SADC) and the whole continent.

Both High Commissioners later paid the courtesy call to the Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thomas Thabane.

Source: LENA 10/08/2017



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