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Members of the National Assembly have on Monday adjourned sine die following the procedural motion that was proposed by the Leader of the House, Mr. Monyane Moleleki.

When proposing the motion, Mr. Moleleki who is also Deputy Prime Minister said members deserve a break so that they would go back to their constituencies to prepare for summer cropping especially during this month of August when Basotho prepare soil, yokes, chains and other equipment needed for tilting the soil.

Mr. Moleleki said in the Machache constituency, which is located at the football hills and other parts of the country laying at the foothills they go out during this month to plough their fields.

He said August is a very important month to Basotho as is the first month of the year unlike in other countries.

Again, the Leader of the House said it is imperative for members to take a break after completing the rigorous political campaigns since March to June this year when they campaigned for the June 03, Parliamentary polls.

He highlighted that the State Council had just advised His Majesty about the holding of Urban and Community Councils’ elections on September 30, urging members to go and campaign for their political parties so to garner enough votes as it was with the central government.

In conclusion, Mr. Moleleki commented that they have just finalised the financial estimates for the 2017/18 financial year, which he said were already late hence members had work under pressure to meet the deadline therefore commended all who worked tirelessly to make the exercise possible.

He said it was a record for the members to pass the financial estimates within a period not exceeding three days.

The motion was seconded by the Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thomas Thabane, who condemned the behavior of some of the opposition parties’ members who walked out of the house in protest that the motion which had been proposed by the leader of the Lesotho Congress for Democracy (LCD), Mr. Mothetjoa Metsing be discussed and considered urgent.

Dr Thabane said it was unbecoming for the opposition member to walk out of Parliament, saying they ran away from the debate.

In his remarks when seconding the motion by the Leader of the House, the Prime Minister lashed out at some of the youth who allegedly rape the elders, saying such behavior cannot be tolerated, further expressing concern over the high level of corruption which he said its perpetrators only include junior public servants and senior government officials but also some of the leaders in the country.

Dr Thabane said he recently met with the Director of the Directorate on Corruption on Economic Offences (DCEO) who reliably informed him that there are many cases of corruption linked to some of the leaders in the country, saying he urged him to follow the law in order to bring the perpetrators before the courts of law.

The Prime Minister said government is faced with a number of urgent issues that should be dealt with, singling out issue of the Lesotho Highland Water Project.

The House passed the motion and the Parliament adjourned Sine Die.


Source: LENA 08/08/2017



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