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The Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thabane says Lesotho government appreciates the assistance extended by Chinese government to enable the government provide quality health services to Basotho.

Dr Thabane was speaking during the handing over of medical equipment and water tanks ceremony held at Motebang Hospital in Leribe on Thursday.

He said good health is one of the greatest gifts that one can give to another person, adding that the donation will help improve provision of services to the sick.

He further commended the Chinese government for the assistance provided to Lesotho in all aspects of life and wished that the friendship between the two countries would continue to grow for mutual benefit.

He said despite the long distance between Lesotho and China, both countries continue to enjoy the friendly relations in a number of ways.

He therefore urged Cabinet Ministers to execute their duties as mandated to ensure that the lives of Basotho improve through the assistance.

Speaking at the same event, the Chinese Ambassador to Lesotho, Dr Sun Xianghua said though the medical equipment and the water tanks donated are different in a way, they are all about life as water is the source of life while health care is the guarantee of life.

He said the two donations reflect the Chinese government and the Chinese community in Lesotho unwavering efforts to help Basotho in achieving a better life.

He said in 1997 the Chinese government sent its first medical team to work in Lesotho to provide specialised medical services and share their medical techniques and experiences with local doctors.

Dr Sun added that the water tanks that have been donated by Chinese business community will help Leribe community to address water shortage particularly those living in the rural areas of the district.

He said China will continue to assist Lesotho even in the future.

Also speaking was the Minister of Health Mr. Nyapane Kaya who expressed appreciation over the medical equipment and water tanks, saying the hospital need clean running water to help in the provision of health care services.

He said the donation will keep the ministry in a rhythmic walk towards making Motebang a regional hospital in the country.

He thanked the Chinese government through the Embassy in Maseru for the medical doctors working in the hospital and a project in the pipeline to construct a state of the art hospital in Maseru through the assistance of China.

Furthermore, the District Medical Officer for Motebang Hospital, Dr 'Malitaba Litaba thanked the Chinese Embassy for the donation, saying it will play a significant role in providing services for patients at the hospital.

Donated medical equipment and water tanks amount to a tune of M400, 000.00.

Present to grace the event included some of the cabinet ministers, senior government officials, Chinese business community and the public.

Source: LENA 14/12/2017


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