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The United States of America (USA) looks forward to working productively with a new Lesotho government as soon as a coalition is finalised and a new Prime Minister is sworn in.

In a press statement issued by the US Department Spokesperson, Ms. Heather Nauert the United States congratulates the people of Lesotho for participating peacefully in the snap general elections on June 03, and also commends Lesotho’s Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) for leading a well-managed and credible electoral process and all major political parties for accepting the outcome. 

“We welcome the robust engagement of international observer missions from the Southern African Development Community (SADC), the African Union (AU), the Commonwealth, and other well-regarded organisations,” reads the statement which cites SADC in particular, as having been a strong partner to Lesotho during a difficult period over the past three years. 

The US further asserts that with its observer mission, SADC demonstrated once again that it holds Lesotho’s governing institutions to a high standard and that SADC itself has a valuable role to play in promoting democracy and good governance in the region. 

The political parties in Lesotho meanwhile signed a pledge to engage seriously after the elections in the reform processes including those of the security sector, the constitution, and the public sector and it is against this backdrop that the US urges the parties together with the new government to engage seriously in a reform process that is independent, transparent, and inclusive of all key stakeholders. 

America over and above emphasises that implementation of these reforms is critically important to Lesotho’s sustained political stability and consolidation of its democratic institutions. 

“The United States looks forward to working with Lesotho’s new government and the Basotho people to advance our long-standing mutual interests in economic development, trade, health care, and the strengthening of democratic institutions,” reads the message.

The statement meanwhile forms part of many that have been pouring in to congratulate Lesotho for holding free and transparent national election.

Source: LENA 12/06/2017


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