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Hundreds of mourners on Friday gathered at Makhoakhoeng for the late Mrs.  Lipolelo Thabane’s official send-off.

The funeral attended by the President of the Senate. Chief Seeiso Bereng Seeiso and his spouse, Cabinet ministers, former Prime Minister's spouse, Mrs. Mathato Mosisili and  members of the Diplomatic Corps proceeded amid the cold winter chill to afford the late Mrs Thabane a dignified burial.

The second wife to Prime Minister Motsoahae is according to the family representative Mr. Selimo Thabane to have not died of natural causes since she died not of illness but from the barrel of the gun during a shooting incident of June 14. Mr Thabane revealed that the deceased sustained bullet wounds on the head and both arms as two bullets were found lodged in the head while one went through both arms. 

The fourth bullet is alleged to have gone through the companion who was with the deceased in her vehicle during the fateful day and got hospitalized.

The scripture as conveyed by the Christian Council of Lesotho (CCL) was extracted from James 4:13 and the sermon for which Reverend Ts’eliso Masemene lamented that people tend to forget that they are God’s creatures and will one day die when the earth has warmed up to them and as a result begin committing heinous crimes.

In his address, the President of the Senate. Chief Seeiso Bereng Seeiso lamented that it is difficult to console the bereaved family when the deceased was not sick and died in the manner in which she did. He appealed for Basotho to go back to living in harmony as a nation, saying the new government is faced with a challenge to ensure that the nation does not live by revenge and as well as that it seek humility and justice in the country’s deliberated matters. 

“God shall wipe away all your tears, and death shall be no more,” these were Chief Seeiso’s consolation words from Revelations 21:4. He said a question that came to mind when he heard about Mrs Thabane’s passing was if the fire bearer wants Lesotho to burn and subsequently wanted to know where Basotho have gone wrong as a people, he knows they are a nation loved by God.

He said his condolences to the family is that their God is a living one.

He therefore said Basotho need to go back to their forefathers to seek intercession because they have failed.

“We all need to achieve peace, but do we even know the ways of finding it? It all starts by the notorious Biblical citation ‘love thy neighbor as you love thyself’,” he said.

At the same ceremony, when conveying condolences on behalf of government, the Minister of Public Service, Mr. Thesele Maseribane said according to Lesotho’s history, women and children would be hidden to protect them from harm and they were not killed as is the norm lately. He appealed to the Commissioner of Police to release a report on the investigations progress with regards the murder of Mrs. Thabane, saying forgiveness asked needs to be genuine to be meaningful.

Mr. Maseribane further stated that while the government pledges to respect all, it would by all means fight heinous acts to ensure that perpetrators face the might of the law.

Mr. Mokheseng Makhooane as the deceased’s brother lamented that they were the only two siblings left and that the deceased now leaves him by himself. He said her sister was big-hearted and always extended a helping hand to those in need and alleged he suspects her death could have been motivated by the current political climate.

The All Basotho Convention (ABC) representative, Mr Motlohi Maliehe meanwhile said it is with a heavy hearts that they are today sending-off one of the founding members of the ABC which is now at the helm of Lesotho’s governance for the second time during its 10th anniversary.

He said there is no reason why murderer’s rights should be respected because they have no shame taking other people’s lives while said the pain felt at this death does not compare.

Born on October 24, 1959 at Ha Moruthoane, Mrs. Lipolelo Thabane was the fifth child of the late Mrs ‘Mampoetsi and Mr. Marake Morebotsane. She attended her primary education at Hermon Primary and proceeded to Lesotho High School where she completed her Cambridge Overseas School Certificate (COSC) and subsequently studied at the National University of Lesotho (NUL) and University of Transkei (UNITRA).

She was joined in holy matrimony with Dr Motsoahae Thabane in 1987 and together raised Regina Thabane as their daughter. She worked at Barclays Bank and the Chinese Garments manufacturers (CGM) among others before she became one of the founding members of the ABC in 2006.

She met her untimely death as a self-employed business woman.


Source: LENA 30/06/2017

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