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His Majesty King Letsie III expressed gratitude and appreciation over the role that Namibia played on behalf of the Southern African Development Community (SADC) in finding solution to Lesotho's political and security problems in 2014.

These, he said when accepting letters of credence from the High Commissioner of the Republic of Namibia to Lesotho, Mr. Veiccoh Nghiwete at the Royal Palace on Thursday.

His Majesty further expressed gratitude over the recent gesture of solidarity shown by Namibia in the development of personnel to form part of the SADC oversight observer mission.

He said in its quest to consolidate democracy and ensure political stability, the government hopes to embark on a progress of major reforms , which will include constitutional, civil service, parliamentary, judicial and security sector reforms.

He therefore expressed hope Basotho will draw valuable lessons from the Namibian experience as the country embarked on this journey.

Presenting his letters of credence, Mr. Nghiwete said both countries have bonds of cooperation within the framework of the United Nations (UN), SADC and Southern African Custom Union (SACU) among others, expressing need for both countries to pursue the economic diplomacy for the benefit of their people.

He pledged to do his best to maintain bilateral relations between both countries during his tenure of office.

Meanwhile, when accepting letters of credence from the Ambassador of Nepal to Lesotho Mr. Bahadur Rai, His Majesty said both countries share common membership in organizations like the UN, Non-Aligned Movement and the group of Least Developed Countries (LDCS), saying it is through these organisations that both countries are able to pursue common goals anchored on the principles of universal peace

He also said both countries have always coordinated positions and spoken with one voice at the global arena on issues of mutual interest, saying cooperation must be elevated and translated into a thriving bilateral partnership which can bring tangible benefits to both countries.

Presenting his letters of credence, Mr. Rai said both countries share aspirations in regional and political independence among others. 

He expressed need for both countries to work together to promote potential areas of bilateral cooperation.

Source: LENA 02/03/2017


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