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The Board of Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) has suspended five members of Senior Management for a period of six weeks.

According to the press release from LRA, the suspended officers are Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Mangangole Tsikinyane, Chief Planning and Mordenisation Officer, Ms. Idia Penane and Chief Legal and Policy officer and Acting Board Secretary, Dr Seth Macheli. 

It states that the other suspended officers include Commissioner Enforcement, Advocate Realeboha Mathaba and Head Litigation, Mr. Moutloatsi Dichaba.

It notes that the suspensions follow allegations of financial and governance impropriety made to the previous board by LRA staff Union (LERASU) in March, 2017.

The press statement highlights that following its appointment, the current Board got a request from LERASU for an audience on the allegations they had tabled on March, 2017.

It highlights that in view of the risk involved, the Board resolved to invite LERASU, just as the previous Board has done, to give them an opportunity to table their grievances.

It says following the presentation, the Board took a decision that, in view of the seriousness of the allegations against Senior Managers, forensics audit exercise has to be undertaken.

It adds that to that end, a forensic audit firm was appointed by the Board and that to facilitate the audit, the Board then resolved to suspend the five officers for a six-week duration of the audit.

The Lesotho Revenue Authority was established by Act of Parliament in 2001 and became operational in 2003. It is principally responsible for the assessment, collection and remittance to the government of public revenues in Lesotho.

Source: LENA 08/03/2018


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