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The signing of the Ha Mpiti-Sehlabathebe road project is a clear evidence that governments of Lesotho and China have reached an agreement on working together to make the road a reality.

The Minister of Finance, Dr Moeketsi Majoro said this project is one of the major projects that Lesotho and China will implement. 

He added that this road is of strategic significance to Lesotho as it will have a positive impact in its economy.

He noted that it will complete the road parameter of Lesotho, and make the travel to Sehlabathebe National, which is Lesotho's only World Heritage Park more convenient, effective and safe, thus attracting more visitors and promoting tourism development.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, Ambassador of China to Lesotho Dr Sun Xianghua said the road will further alleviate the challenges and hardships of transportation facing the people and communities along that road, making their daily lives much easier, and this includes going to school or clinics.

During the construction period, jobs will be created, and some of the local constructors will be engaged and will be given 30 per cent. This will also give them more business opportunities and provide a skills-transfer platform.

The total amount of money to be used for this project is M1, 281 billion and about 500 people will be hired.

The road construction, that will cover the distance of 91 kilometers, will commence by the end of this current year (2018), which will take a period of three years to complete. 


Source: LENA 01/03/2018


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