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By 2006, the Ministry of the Home Affairs and Public Safety will be a leading Ministry in the socio-economic development of Lesotho by providing high quality services in the protection of human life and property, and controlling free movement of people, into, within and out of Lesotho. This will render Lesotho stable, prosperous, at peace with itself and its neighbors.

Mission Statement:

“We, the Ministry of Home Affairs and Public Safety are committed to a stable, prosperous and peaceful Lesotho by providing the best immigration, safety and security services, which will earn us total respect, satisfaction, confidence and support from our clients.”

Strategic Aims

The Ministry has identified reduction of crime, HIV and AIDS, corruption and efficient delivery of services as its chief strategic aim. To gain competitive advantage the Ministry intends to achieve the following:

  • To reduce crime and maintain law and order.
  • To reduce HIV and AIDS prevalence within the Ministry
  • To increase the speed of service delivery to the greatest in need
  • To increase the annual revenue connection
  • To reduce excessive annual expenditure levels
  • To increase the speed of issuing traveling documents

Cherished values



Dedicated to excellent service: “Bosebeletsi bo hloahloa ka boiketlo”.