As the 12th Stop Cervical, Breast and Prostate Cancer in Africa (SCCA) Conference came to an end on Wednesday, Basotho showed interest in testing for cancer so to know their status.

This was evident during the SCCA Conference held from 22-25 July as hundreds of men and women were screened for prostate, breast and cervical cancer where above 100 men were reportedly screened for prostate cancer and 13 of them referred for further medical attendance due to their screening results.
When officially closing the conference, the Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thomas Thabane expressed his mixed feelings thus; sadness over the closer of the conference which he said feels like closing the door on lively and stimulating debates on cancer and bidding farewell to friends met in the past days while on the other hand he is gratified that 12 SCCA Conference was held in Lesotho as Basotho have been richly informed about cancer through presented messages and testimonies.

“We are more determined to take the fight against all forms of cancer head-on,” he said, commenting that it is heartbreaking watching the devastation caused by cancer amongst young and old people whereby they helplessly succumb to the dreadful disease. He said the welfare of Basotho is a priority hence will continue to support the First Lady, Mrs. Maesaeah Thabane in her efforts to enhance the fight against cancer in Africa in the next twelve months.

He further pledged support for the noble efforts of Princess Nikky Onyeri and the African First Ladies Breast and Cervical Cancer as well as Prostate Cancer Organisation because the women have led the way hence deserve support.

“I am committed to be their advocate among other Heads of State and Government. The fight against cancer requires unity among us,” he added, thus welcoming the Maseru Declaration adopted at the Conference which he firmly noted that Lesotho fully supports.

Apart from the panel discussions on cancer that ensued, the last day of the conference also saw the Maseru Declaration on Cancers in Africa signed and adopted by all member states at the Conference while the communiqué was also read where the First lady of Botswana, Mrs. Neo Masisi commended Lesotho for hosting the 12th SCCA pledging their support to Mrs. Thabane as the SCCA Chairperson.

Meanwhile, Houston in the United States of America (USA) has been announced as the 13th host country for the Cancer Conference.


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