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The Acting Minister of Finance on Wednesday in the National Assembly made a statement regarding the delay of April 2022 government salaries.
In his statement,  the acting Minister of Finance, Mr. T
šoinyana Rapapa said the technical problem is one of the reasons there has been a delay in government salaries, saying an announcement by the Ministry of Public Service was given on April 22 that there will be a delay in April 2022 salaries
Mr. Rapapa mentioned that the delay was caused by the upgrading of the system and salary adjustment as per the 2022/2023 budget speech.
He outlined that technology has a number of challenges like the other which took place three weeks ago, saying the one communication services provider had a communication problem which was also technical.
He added that a few days back, the Lesotho National Broadcasting Services could not record the proceedings of the Parliament live due to technical problems.
Furthermore, he said the Ministries of Finance and of Public Services worked tirelessly to see to it that the technical problems were resolved from April 22, however noted that the challenge is still unresolved.

Mr. Rapapa said some civil servants have received their salaries while some have not, adding that all payments ought to have been completed on Tuesday but because of the mentioned problems they could not.
He further said he believes all the civil servants will receive their salaries before the end of Wednesday.
He, therefore, apologised on behalf of the Ministries of Finance and Public Service to all who have been affected by the delay.

Source: LENA 27/04/2022


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