Development Planning

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By 2017 we shall be a world-class institution providing strategic direction for promoting shared employment creating economic growth and sustainable development.


We strive to achieve high, shared and sustainable employment creating economic growth and development through results-oriented national development plans, policy advice to government, mobilization, and coordination of resources.

Functional Values

The following are the cherished values of the Ministry, which will determine the strategies and operational principles to achieve the vision, mission, and slogan:

  1. Integrity – gain trust and respect from our customers;
  2. Transparency and accountability – compliance to rules and regulations, reporting on organizational and national performance;
  3. Service excellence – customer-focused, provision of effective and efficient services;
  4. Impartiality – treat all clients equally;
  5. Team spirit – work together in achieving common goals, mutual respect for one another;
  6. Professionalism – result-oriented, provision of timely service; and
  7. Commitment – full participation in the activities of the Ministry.