The Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology says the Lesotho Government has established the e-cabinet subcommittee to oversee all Information and Communication Technology(ICT) related activities in the country.

Ms. Mabotle Damane was speaking at the official opening of the three-day Cybersecurity workshop held in Maseru on Monday.

Besides the legal frameworks, we are in the process of building adequate capacity of the legislators regarding this matters of cybersecurity and the related skills.

Cyber incidents do not merely cause financial and data loss, but they also have a catastrophic impact on our inter-connected Critical Infrastructure, economic activity and regional connectivity. They erode public trust in governments and this is fundamental. Hence, our pursuit of Lesotho’s digital ambition must be sustained by our commitment to strengthening our cybersecurity infrastructure as well as institutions that have a direct link to this initiative.

Cybersecurity cannot be viewed or addressed from a single perspective. It is a threat that cuts across many domains, and therefore it requires a multi-disciplinary response. Hence, a need to organise our government and non-governmental agencies to forge working relations and explore different means to deal with cybersecurity.

It is my sincere understanding that at the end of this workshop, participants will come up with measures and clear guidelines as to how we can improve our national cybersecurity initiatives and thus reach the next level in our cybersecurity program.

workshop that has been organized by the World Bank and the University of Oxford.

Firstly, I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the consultants of the World Bank Global Cybersecurity Capacity Centre, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) representative, the University of Oxford representative and all stakeholders

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