The Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thabane says government is extremely aware of the nation’s concern on the pace of service delivery and is doing its utmost to open channels of communication to be on the same page with its masters who are the nation.

This, Dr Thabane said when officiating the three-day Principal Secretaries (PS) Retreat in Berea on Tuesday where he said the fact of the current coalition government being the third in a space of five years that is supposed to be a lifetime of a single government is a testimony to the serious challenges facing Lesotho and its nation in the choice, mandating and shepherding of the delegated to manage the affairs of the people.

The retreat is among others aimed for the chief accounting officers and economic planners in their respective ministries to introspect and look into challenges that need to be addressed in the current fiscal year following the allocations made on the budget towards meeting the people’s expectations on service delivery ranging from infrastructure development to job creation to mention a few.

Dr Thabane said the event comes at the background of loud discontent about the pace of service delivery across sectors of the government, saying the government absorbs with humility, the whipping it has taken from the nation as its masters in this regard

“This government’s commitment to the principles of good governance, transparency and openness, accountability and responsiveness to citizens’ demands is illustrated among others in the open broadcast, through national television and private radio stations,” he said, adding that such is attested to by the proceedings of the Parliament’s Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and other oversight committees which sometimes reveal frightening revelations that he said government takes very seriously and already taking corrective steps on as government commitment to combating and uprooting fraud and corruption is now well known.

The Prime Minister further mentioned that they are on track to delivering the universally agreed six-sector National Reforms, which also form part of Lesotho’s compact with the international community.

He said much has been made of the recent SADC Double Troika Summit decision on May 2019 deadline for Constitutional and Security Sector Reforms.

In the similar token, the Minister of Public Service, Mr. Joang Molapo reminded the participants that team work between political and professional arms of government would yield positively to the people’s expectations to ultimately enable the much desired service delivery.

He said the Prime Minister understands the dynamics of the Principal Secretaries’ by virtue of having the experience on political and chief accounting officer realms which he is able to synchronise together.

The retreat that started on Monday and ending Wednesday has drawn facilitation from offices of the Accountant General, DCEO and Central Bank of Lesotho to help on a broad spectrum, the mandate to grow Lesotho’s economy among others.


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