The department of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in the Ministry of Communication Science and Technology is currently holding training workshops on e-technology for Ministerial and Private Secretaries from all government ministries.

The training, which will be expanded to Principal Secretaries and Cabinet Ministers comes in-turns at the department of ICT Video Conference Hall. These trainings are intended to equip participants with skills and knowledge on Office 365 so to curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

Speaking in an interview, ICT Director General, Mr. Lira Moeti disclosed that this project has been designed to enhance the fight against coronavirus in the country, noting that it is funded by the ministry with the funds that were intended for international travel.

Mr. Moeti stressed that the virtual communication promotes and enhances social distancing thus limiting direct conduct of persons, which he said is imperative especially now when the country faces rapid spread of the COVID-19, noting that even in the case when the country could face another nationwide lockdown, the trainees and their bosses will still work from home.

Mr. Moeti mentioned that participants will also learn about digital calendar, saying it will enable them to monitor ministers’ schedules without being in physical contact.

The Personal Secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Mohlomi Sello expressed gratitude for the training, saying it will ease their work.

Talking about the virtual conference, he said it will help them follow recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO) as they will limit physical contact with their employers and people coming for services at their offices.

Mr. Sello said they will also share schedule of ministers amongst themselves using digital calendars to avoid miscommunication.

Last month (June 2020), the department conducted a similar training for Members of Parliament with the same purpose thus to promote virtual communication to prevent and curb the spread of COVID-19 in the country.

By Staff Reporter: Maphoka Likotsi

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