The Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thabane has identified absence of roads infrastructure, vehicle and footbridges, water and electricity supply as common challenges not only facing communities of Mohale’s Hoek but the entire nation.

Addressing a public gathering held at Mekaling in Mohale’s Hoek, Dr Thabane noted that as a result of such challenges, in some places pupils have to wake up as early as 04: 00 in the morning and walk long distance in order to reach school in time while others are taught at under trees.

He added that the government is aware and working hard to address challenges encountered by public servants and the general public, citing the need to have police stations/posts at Morifi, Holy Cross and Ketane. He commented that lack of resources at workplaces results to abandoned health services especially in rural places.

Dr Thabane to address some of the challenges, centres like Ntlafatso Skills Training Centre (NSTC) in the Mohale’s Hoek town are intended to offer skills and training to public thus responding to unemployment, saying the government is doing its best to ensure that the centre continues to provided intended services to the public.

He said the government aspires to have all places connected hence construction of a road and bridge across Senqu river to connect villages of Mt. Moorosi in Quthing and Phamong in the district though he said there is still a need to construct a road that will link Ketane and Semonkong.

The gesture, he said has helped to reduce distance and time that was spent from Mohale’s Hoek town to Phamong and Ketane thus making such places easily accessible for delivery of services to the public.

Dr Thabane said the country is heading towards the national reform process, therefore called for the public’s full participation in making it a succes, saying they should be vigilant of people whose aim is to hinder the process.

‘Let us work in unity and put Lesotho and Basotho in the forefront and decide how you want your country to be like,’ he said.

At the same gathering, the Deputy Prime Minister, Mr. Monyane Moleleki announced that before end of the year, the Prime Minister will officially launch several developments undertaken in the Phamong area that include bridge across Senqu river and a road from the bridge to Phamong, health centre, police station and electricity supply.

Also speaking was the Principal Chief of Phamong, Chieftainess Nthati Bereng who commended the government for the aforementioned developments carried out in Phamong, saying the place was not accessible by vehicle during rainy season without a bridge across Rankali River between Bethel and Mt. Moorosi.

She however expressed concern that stock theft is a major problem especially in the highlands where chiefs are killed by criminals during their efforts to combat crime hence appealed for establishment of police posts for security purposes in such places.

On behalf of district Parliamentarians, a Member of Parliament for Taung, Mr. Selemo Mangobe appealed for upgrading of Makhaleng border post, saying that will contribute towards the district economic development.

He said bad condition of Ha Ts’epo-Mpharane, Takalatsa-Ha Thekiso, Mesitsaneng-Maphuts’eng and Seaka-Ketane roads remain a main challenge as there places are hard to reach.

Mr. Mangobe said water supply is also a concern in the Taung area as gravity fed and pumping systems get damaged and thus forcing people to wait for hours to get drinking water.

Present at the gathering included Deputy Prime Minister, Cabinet Ministers, Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly, Principal Chiefs, Principal Chiefs, District Administrators, senior government officials, chiefs, public servants and the public.

This is the fifth public gathering by the Prime Minister which are aimed at informing the public on progress made since the current government came power. Others were held in Mafeteng, Butha-Buthe, Quthing and Leribe and the next will be held at Malimong in Berea.


Source: LENA 21/11/2018


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