The launch of the Lesotho Defence Force (LDF) COVID-19 Save Live Operation Phase II, which saw a total of 295 members being deployed countrywide is expected to help in preventing people from crossing at illegal border posts.

This is according to the press release issued by the National Emergency Command Centre (NECC) on Tuesday.

The release follows information that about 282 Basotho nationals including one foreigner are reported to have crossed to Lesotho from South Africa through different illegal border posts since May 01 to date.

It further states that of the total of these people, 214 who crossed through illegal border posts in Quthing are men and children and many are women.

The release however shows that these people have been screened against COVID-19 and none of them showed signs of the virus, adding that all have been placed on a 14-days quarantine in different hotels in the Quthing district.

In conclusion, the release urges Basotho to obey government advices so to protect themselves and others, citing Senior Inspector, Moeketsi Mokotjo of the Quthing police saying “Government has on several occasions appealed to those who come to Lesotho through these illegal posts to get tested and avoid contaminating the entire country.”

By: Staff Reporter Noliwe Velaphe

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