Local Government and Chieftainship

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A nation with a well functioning decentralised  local government system that delivers improved services to the people, promotes people’s  participation in development and provides the enabling environment for economic growth and poverty reduction.


To promote, deepen and consolidate a sustainable and effective system of local governance for improved service delivery and enhanced quality of life.


  1. To support and strengthen councils in the provision of quality services to the nation through a well-defined policy framework and adherence to laws and regulations [Local Government].
  2.  To monitor operations of councils in relation to their powers, functions, duties, service delivery standards and general performance [Local Government]
  3.  To promote effective and sustainable land management and administration, rural and urban development in Lesotho as provided for under relevant legislation and national policies. [Land]
  4.  To facilitate the delivery of affordable quality houses to Basotho within properly planned settlements. [Housing]
  5.  To support a service – oriented Chieftainship institution that is adaptive to the decentralisation and local governance. [Chieftainship].
  6. To contribute towards prevention, treatment and mitigating the impact of HIV and AIDS [Cross Cutting]
  7.  To ensure adequate human and institutional capacity for policy formulation and decentralised planning and implementation [Cross Cutting]