The Lesotho Revenue Authority (LRA) has introduced the Lesotho Border Management services made up of different government ministries to improve services provided at the Maseru Bridge.

The LRA Head of Client Services Division, Mr. Mosuoe Mapetla said this when addressing media on Wednesday about the operational changes effected at the Maseru Bridge on November 01, 2019.

The operational changes have been effected at Parking space, pedestrian walking channel and penalty and administrative charges, deployment of different functions and agencies at one service point and they shall do joint operations, separation of vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

He noted that parking inside the border is only for clients coming for border services and that trading activities are not allowed inside the controlled border area including walkway channel for pedestrians. He added that failure to comply, fines and administrative penalties will be imposed on amongst others the vehicles transporting commercial consignments arriving at the border without a proceed to border notification, saying this attracts a M1, 000.00 penalty charge on the spot.

Mr. Mapetla added that usage of the provided pedestrians’ walkway is from 6 am to 10 pm, saying beyond these times, service will be provided at the main building between 10 pm and 6 am.

”In light of all these new controls only the elderly, disabled and sickly persons are allowed to use the normal entrance and exit points through the main building at all times,” he said.

Again, trucks parking on the bridge before acquiring proceed to border and a road manifest attracts M1, 000.00 penalty charge on the spot as well as the vehicles parking at the border area for more than an hour will be clamped and administrative fine imposed.

”We commit to provide better service to all our clients and border users while on the other hand encourage all to observe the above changes and make every effort to adhere to requirements under this new arrangement,” Mr. Mapetla concluded.


Source: LENA 06/11/2019

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