The Lesotho Red Cross Society (LRCS) made a presentation to educate members of the Mokhotlong District Emergency Operation Centre (DEOC) on proper use of non-medical masks.

The demonstration on the use of non-medical masks was made to provide members with skills so that they can go out and educate the general public about the use of masks.

The presentation was held following an observation that the public is sharing and exchanging non-medical masks which is a wrong practice.

Meanwhile, the government through the Ministry of Health issued interim guidelines on the use of non-medical masks in public places.

The guidelines included issues such as wearing of public masks to prevent people from spreading respiratory droplets when talking, sneezing or coughing, normally referred to as source control from infected persons.

They further show that the masks must not be exchanged, every individual should have their own mask not to share or exchange with others.

Meanwhile, Mokhotlong DEOC is making preparations to go out and educate the public on proper use of masks for protection of all against coronavirus.

According to the interim guidelines, cloth face masks are only intended to help contain the wearer’s respiratory droplets from being spread. It is therefore important to note that, this is an additional prevention strategy that should not be promoted alone. It does therefore complement the key public health prevention strategies which are: maintain physical distancing, frequent washing hands with soap and running water or hand sanitizer, cough and or sneezing etiquette and to avoid touching mouth, nose and eyes.

Source: LENA 14/05/2020

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