The National COVID-19 Secretariat (NACOSEC) Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Mr. Thabo Khasipe stressed that people who tested for COVID-19 at government laboratories were tested regardless of their state of health hence the low rate of infection.

Mr. Khasipe said this on Wednesday when addressing the media during the weekly press briefing held at NACOSEC premises.

He mentioned that Maseru is still the leading district with 46 percent of infection rate followed by Leribe district with 14 percent.

Mr. Khasipe stated that women are more infected than men saying women between 31 and 35 years of age are more infected by COVID-19 while women over 60 years are less infected.

He further remarked that Lesotho has high death rate comparing to other countries.

He dismissed allegations that RNA samples testing facilities at Lepereng are malfunctioning as compared to those from South African Laboratories.

Also speaking, NACOSEC Deputy CEO, Dr Catherine Lephoto said the test were last done on Friday due to shortage of equipment however saying this equipment will be available before the end of this week.

The NACOSEC objectives as outlined by Dr Lephoto include; Providing guidance on how the workforce can safely deliver services in the Covid-19 reality, ensuring that Lesotho is working in the new normal, emphasising that disinfection of workplace is crucial and they should constantly be disinfected in cost effective way.

As she continued, she warned that wearing masks has to be done correctly.

“Many of us are still wearing masks the wrong way and it is extremely important to wear the right type of mask and wear it correctly”.

She emphasised the importance of personal etiquette especially disposal of wiping tissues and used masks as the virus can live for three days on the paper.

She commented normally the workplace is shut down after the discovery of COVID-19 case, however saying according to science, it is known that such activity does not work.

“This is ineffective as by the time a person develops symptoms, they have potentially spread the virus at the workplace,” she added, noting that 40 percent of the people who get infected by the virus never show the symptoms and will never get sick, thus meaning that treating a place after someone have shown symptoms won’t work.

Since Lesotho recorded its COVID-19 first case on the 14 May 2020, the country has to date registered 996 cases with 472 recoveries and 30 deaths.

By Staff Reporter: ‘Maphoka Likotsi

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