The Prime Minister, Dr Moeketsi Majoro on Thursday launched the Lesotho Lowlands Water Supply phase II scheme at Ha Setene, Leribe.

Speaking at the launch, Dr Majoro said the project that was launched on Thursday is the result of the government efforts to design and implement water supply projects in the lowlands.

He stated that over the course of two decades, the Lesotho Highlands Water Project has successfully developed water supply project schemes for projects such as Metolong Dam, Water Supply Networks, Water Treatment Plants and Storage Tanks.

The Prime Minister emphasized that clean water supply is significant in eradicating poverty, diseases that are caused by dirty water as well as supporting the country’s economic growth, adding that this project will also build pipelines that will enable the supply of water to the communities.

He noted that the water treatment plant to be built will provide more than 25 million liters a day which will be expanded to a daily capacity of 65 million liters.

Dr Majoro said the government signed M14 million from partners to support this water project, saying the event marks the implementation of all the project funded.

He stressed that Basotho truly value the support that the development partners have provided to Lesotho over the years hence thanked partners for this support.

Meanwhile, in another event held at Maputsoe in Leribe, Dr Majoro led a sod-turning of Maputsoe Boreholes Refurbishment and Construction of Water Treatment Plant.

Addressing the public, he said the project is a milestone in the development of the second basin water supply in the lowlands, adding that the project brings the development of water supply pits available at Ha Berete.

He said it was few years back when water supply holes were dug in this area which means there is still a shortage of water supply in Maputsoe, hence at this stage there will be the upgrade of boreholes water supply with 80 percent as the town of Maputsoe has many factories which have provided Basotho with jobs.

The Prime Minister said the Minister of Water, Mr. Nkaku Kabi has already announced the contractors who will carry out these activities and the government expects that at least six months later the water supply will be improved.

In conclusion, Dr Majoro on behalf of the Government of Lesotho thanked the World Bank for the funding of these important projects launched in Maputsoe.

He said the World Bank has provided financial support for a diverse number of development projects in Lesotho, noting however that since 2002 it has focused significantly on investment and developing product value chains.

It is expected that similar projects will be launched in Mafeteng and Mohale’s Hoek.

Present at the occasion included representatives of development partners, cabinet ministers,  chiefs and the general public.

By Staff Reporter: Noliwe Velaphe

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