The Prime Minister,  Dr Moeketsi Majoro on Thursday officiated construction of a 22 kilometre road which will start at Ha Malelu-Malimong, Rothe in the Maseru district .

Speaking at this ceremony, Dr Majoro said construction is expected to take 18 to 24 months to be completed.

He instructed that the Yellow Plant Machinery from the Local Government should only leave the place when the road is fully complete.

“We will look for more funds to make sure that this road is complete and not left half way,” he stressed.

The Prime Minister also appealed that the road be named after the former Prime Minister, Dr Motsoahae Thabane, saying he was the one who in 2014 promised the community of Ha Rankhelepe a road at one of the political rallies.

He noted that even if it took a few years to construct a road, now that he is officiating at the sod turning for the construction of the road, it was due to the former Prime Minister hence it ought to be named after him.

Dr Majoro further talked about the health centre at Ha Rankhelepe, which he said has been complete and needs to officially be opened and promised to open it soon.

He however expressed dissatisfaction that the new office building of the Principal Chief, which has also been built has no office furniture hence it is not being used.

“I would like to see that new Principal Chief’s office being furnished with new furniture so that the Principal Chief could serve in an enabling environment,” he commented.

The Prime Minister also promised to work hard in ensuring that cabinet ministers deliver services as expected for the benefit of Basotho.

He acknowledged that Basotho have since lost confidence in the government due to poor service delivery, appealing to the Rothe residents to give this new coalition government a chance to prove itself.

Speaking at the same occasion, the Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship, Mr. Ts’oinyana Rapapa said there are many challenges in his Ministry where operators of the Yellow Plant Machines are not skillful enough to operate the machines.

“These unskilled machine operators end up misusing the machinery and fail to deliver services in time,” he highlighted.

Mr. Rapapa also pointed out that the Yellow Plant tend to overstay in one place for a long time, saying in the process, they delay roads construction in other places thus singling out the Yellow Plant Machinery which overstayed in Thaba Tseka, Semonkong and Qhoali in the Quthing district.

Also speaking, a Member of Parliament for Rothe Constituency also Minister of Energy and Meteorology  Mr. Mohapi Mohapinyane welcomed the sod turning for the construction of the Malelu to Malimong gravel road.

He said since the road has twice been promised to be constructed but unfortunately two former Ministers of Local Government and Chieftainess, Messrs Habofanoe Lehana and Lits’oane Lits’oane could not fulfill their promise as they were both reshuffled from their position before the work started.

Mr. Mohapinyane expressed gratitude that this time the road construction was going to start though it was going to be done in phases due to inadequate funds.

“The community Councillors and the chiefs in the area would not be happy if the road could be constructed in phases as that would remind them of the previous two occasions in which the road had to be abandoned after the ministers were reshuffled,” he remarked.

He appealed that the Yellow Plant should only leave the area once the road has been complete and not while it is half constructed.

The Member of Parliament also stated that his constituency has a severe shortage of water and electricity.

Also speaking was the Local Government Administration Manager, Mr. Sefiri Phaila said the purpose of the sod turning was to officially launch the 22 kilometre road from Ha Malefu to Malimong.

He explained that the road would be constructed in phases in which the first phase will be five to seven kilometres due to inadequate funds.

Mr. Phaila noted that the road is expected to take 18 to 24 months to be completed and that over one million has been budgeted for the construction by the District Community Council’s Yellow Plant Machinery.

He also highlighted the need to address shortage of clean portable water as well as the shortage of electricity in some of the roads

Present at the sod turning included Deputy Minister of Local Government Mr. Moshe Leoma, Principal Chief of Rome Chieftainess Nthupi Anna Bereng, Local government officials and the general public.
Meanwhile, after the launching of the road construction at Rothe, Dr Majoro proceeded to Mokhotlong to officiate construction of the Office building of the Principal Chief of Malingoaneng.

Speaking at the occasion, the Prime Minister said government is concerned about escalating rate of stock theft in Mokhotlong and Qacha’s Nek districts.

He said to fight stock theft, the government is intending to allocate five vehicles for each of the districts, saying stock theft is a serious crime which should be addressed in both districts as well as between Lesotho and South Africa.

He said provision of vehicles will also help in addressing challenges that include lack of transport facing the security agencies.

He said the livelihoods of rural communities depend mostly on livestock, saying stock theft will continue to have negative impact on the lives of Basotho if strong measures to prevent crime will not be implemented.

The Prime Minister urged all security agencies to work together in ensuring reduction of stock theft in these districts and between the two neighbouring countries. curb

In Mokhotlong, stock theft is one of the common and serious crime as it is being reported every now and then.


Source: LENA 18/09/2020



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