The Standard Lesotho Bank clients whose salaries will not be affected by COVID-19 pandemic such as public servants will still be expected to pay their debts such as personal loans at the end of the month

These are the views gathered from Standard Lesotho Bank (SLB) Acting Head of Marketing and Communication in an interview.

Mr. Manyathela Kheleli said though the bank is not immune to the worldwide virus and cannot pretend nothing is happening, some customers who will be getting their full pay at the end of the month like public servants are expected to settle their debts with the bank.

He however assured the nation particularly their clients that because this matter is a macro eternal one, they will ensure debt relieve to their clients while also handling individuals personal accounts differently.

Unpacking this statement, he reiterated that in some instances, they understand some workers will be retrenched; as such understand that entities might submit letters indicating their plans to allow the bank establish intervention measures in this regard.

Talking about the business sector, Mr. Kheleli commented that the bank is fully aware that there has been no business activities, adding installments and monthly fees will not be deducted in a bid to meet this sector half way.

Mr. Kheleli’s views come amidst Prime Minister’s statement where he said the government together with its partners is exploring various avenues to address challenges facing different sectors as a result of the coronavirus outbreak, which saw many countries including Lesotho being on a lockdown.

Source: LENA 14/04/2020

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