The Lesotho Communications Authority (LCA) Chief Regulatory Officer, Mr.  Thato Ponya on Monday announced the introduction of a sim card registration starting from June 24, 2022.

This was announced at the press conference held at LCA premises in Maseru.

Mr. Ponya said this comes after the Government Gazette published the communication regulations in 2021.

He added that the gazetted regulation comes with the amendment which includes the use of the area chief letter for registration, saying only identification cards will be used because they have learnt that 90 percent of the population is in possession of the IDs.

He stated that communication regulation law will help the country to fight against crime thus monetary theft using mobile technologies.

The Managing Directors of both mobile networks, Vodacom, Mr. Mohale Ralebitso and Econet, Mr. Dennis Plaatjies assured the nation that they have worked together with LCA regarding the modelling communication regulation hence they are happy with the gazetted regulations.

They further assured the nation that they are ready to start the registration process, appealing to the public that they should register their sim cards with both network operators.

Mr. Ralebitso said it is expected that both operators will undertake initially an effort to ensure that the registration goes well and the public will be informed where they will register their sim cards also Mr. Plaatjies affirmed what Mr. Ralebitso said.

Mr. Plaatjies said both network providers have an agreement with the Department of Home Affairs, highlighting that they will work together on the sim registration process.

Both network providers noted that they will start registration with people who hold legal documentation also stating that the costs of sim registration will be incurred by both providers.

Talking about tourist and sim registration, Mr. Ralebitso said tourists will be given a grace period of seven days while still receiving limited services, adding that if they have not been verified they will not receive mobile money services.

It is expected that the public will be informed about dates and places of registration once the registration campaign commences and the public is to register old and new sim cards.

Sim card registration is the process of verifying and recording mobile phone numbers and personal information of a subscriber by mobile network operators. Such information will include the subscriber’s names, date of birth, gender, ID number and place of issue.

By Staff Reporter: Noliwe Velaphe


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