To enable the Judiciary to function most efficiently in the administration and dispensation of Justice

Mission Statement

To increase the disposal of pending High Court cases by 20% from 1476 to 2064 by the end of March 2006


  • To improve the efficiency in the delivery of Justice
  • To improve access to Justice, especially by the poor and disadvantaged.


  • To reduce the backlog of cases pending in the High Court by 40 % by 2006.
  • To reduce the number of cases/records lost/misfiled/missing at the High Court by 50 % by 2006.
  • To improve the quality of service delivery, effectiveness and efficiency in the dispensation of Justice by 2006.
  • Decentralisation of the High Court to the regions (South and North) by 2006.
  • To increase the level of Public confidence in the execution of judgments.
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