Hon. Samuel Ntsokoane Matekane The Right Honourable Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, National Security and Environment

Mr. Samuel Ntsokoane Matekane was born on the 15th March 1958 in Mantšonyane, in the District of Thaba-Tseka, in Lesotho. He is the 10th Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Lesotho have been inaugurated as such on the 28th October 2022. His political career began in March 2022 upon founding the Revolution For Prosperity (RFP) political party, which emerged victorious in the general elections that were held seven months later in October, 2022. He currently heads the Government in coalition with Alliance of Democrats (AD) and Movement for Economic Change (MEC) Political Parties.

His leadership acumen and managerial shrewdness were honed over 30 years in private business. He is a self-taught and acclaimed entrepreneur who has learnt through experience how to navigate and master the terrain of the business realm and built a both successful and sustainable business empire that has since blossomed into a multi sectoral regional giant, namely, Matekane Group of Companies (MGC). Today, MGC dominates in sectors such as Civil Works, Mining, Civil Aviation, Property Development, Agriculture, Pharmaceuticals and Medicinal Cannabis.

His impeccable business astuteness has earned him global recognition by, among others, being decorated with numerous international awards, including “Lifetime Achievement Award” at the 2022 African Business Leadership Awards, “Africa’s Top Entrepreneur” at the Forbes Best of Africa Award Ceremony in 2021, where he was dubbed “The Pride of the Nation, Beacon of Hope and Champion of all Basotho”.

An avid philanthropist, Mr. Matekane is dedicated to changing the lives of the most disadvantaged through his charity work that includes construction of infrastructure projects such as schools, recreational grounds, and support to the farming community.

A product of ‘Mabathoana High School, and Member of Parliament for Mantsonyane Constituency, Mr. Matekane is married with six children.