The Minister of Tourism, Environment and Culture, Chief Joang Molapo says the National Museum and Art Gallery force Basotho to showcase their unique and beautiful heritage.

This, he said when officiating the launch of a one-month exhibition staged at the Alliance Francaise in commemoration of the International Museum Day which is commemorated annually on May 18.

The exhibition is intended to create public awareness about the national museum and art gallery which is currently under construction as well as to bring it closer and trigger Basotho to share their thoughts on what should be presented in the museum.

Chief Joang commended young people for maintaining the creativity Basotho are known for, urging them to embrace the museum and use their talents to showcase what they have.

He said the museum will depict various aspects of Basotho’s heritage but still guide visitors to various places of Lesotho so as to encourage visitors to physically tour Lesotho and many other institutions of this nature across the country.

He therefore invited Basotho to share their thoughts in what they would love to see presented in the museum and visit the Department of Culture to share their views and ideas and to possibly donate objects that could be on display provided they meet the requirements of the museum.

Chief Joang further commended all institutions that have been continuing to support the country with the good work of conserving and presenting Basotho’s heritage in the absence of the Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery, citing the Morija Museum and Archives, Royal Archives and museums, Lesotho Highlands Development Authority Visitors’ Centres, Lets’eng Diamond Discovery Centre and Masitise Cave House.

The Lesotho National Museum and Art Gallery is intended to among other things, promote tourist attraction, implement history and provide information for late prominent people.

Source: LENA 06/06/2019

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