The National Youth Job Summit has identified; Culture and Creative Industry, Gender-Based Violence, Politics and Education, Manufacturing, Tourism, Information Communication Technology (ICT), Youth in Politics as the concerns affecting youth employment.

The report follows the three-day National Youth Job Summit that was organised by the Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation, Youth Task Team in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Office Delivery Unit.

Presenting the report, the Secretary of the Youth Task Team, Mr.  Tsepo Masupha said the report shows the Gender-Based Violence as a concern for smooth recruitment of youth in the job market, singling out sexual harassment as rampant in this regard hence youth appeal for Labour Act to protect people/ employees against this harassment at workplace beyond Human Resource (HR) System.

Speaking about Culture and Creative Industry, Mr. Masupha said youth are concerned that current youth centres need to be transformed so that they become functional and to accommodate creative industries, adding that these centres should be managed by youth.

Again, manufacturing is a concern for youth as they maintain that there is a lack of access to infrastructure and space of resource centre, high production costs, lack of raw materials, lack of access to factors of production such as machinery and finance.

The report further shows concerns that youth, as well as those with disabilities, are not represented in Parliament.

Regarding the issue of Youth in Politics, Mr. Masupha said the Department of Youth has been recommended to be independent so that it focuses on issues relating to youth only, adding that the National Youth Council structure should be revised while the Youth Council should also be independent.

He said youth believe that there is a need for youth education on tourism and digitalisation of tourism areas and that database for all places with tourism potential is vital as well as the collective stakeholder’s engagement on tourism attractions awareness of tourism and to preserve identified tourism attractions.

Talking about Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Mr. Masupha said the report shows youth believe that education and programmes should be examined, e-government solutions should be led by youth and time-to-time consultations be considered.

Meanwhile, the Summit has made recommendations which are believed could improve the state of youth unemployment country-wide and these include; getting rid of red tapes for youth, granting trade licences with demanding ground lease and that business should be incubated before they can be managed or given to the owners.

The National Youth Job Summit phase 1 is expected to be followed by phase II and III next year.

By Staff Reporter: ‘Maphoka Likotsi


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