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Arms of State
Government Ministries
King's Office
Prime Ministers Office
Statutory Bodies
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1. Ministry of Defence, of Police and of National Security Not available
2. Ministry of Local Government and of Chieftainship Affairs www.localgovt.gov.ls
3. Ministry of Gender and Youth, Sports and Recreation Not available
4. Ministry of Development Planning www.planning.gov.ls
5. Ministry of The Public Service www.publicservice.gov.ls
6. Ministry of Energy, Meteorology and Water Affairs Not available
7. Ministry of Finance www.finance.gov.ls
8. Ministry of Tourism, Environment and Culture www.mtec.gov.ls
9. Ministry of Public Works and Transport Not available
10. Ministry of Law, Human Rights and Constitutional Affairs Not available
11. Ministry of Communications, Science and Technology Not available
12. Ministry of Forestry and Land Reclamation www.gov.ls/forestry
13. Ministry of Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing www.mticm.gov.ls
14. Ministry of Mining Not available
15. Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security Not available
16. Ministry of Education and Training www.education.gov.ls
17. Ministry of Social Development Not available
18. Ministry of Employment and Labour www.labour.gov.ls
19. Prime Minister's Office Not available
20. Ministery of Justice and Correctional Service www.justice.gov.ls
21. Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Affairs www.foreign.gov.ls
22. Ministry of Health www.health.gov.ls 
23. Ministry of Home Affairs Not available
Deputy Ministers
  Deputy Minister of Local Government and Chieftainship Affairs and Parliamentary Affairs  
  Deputy Minister of Finance
  Deputy Minister of  Trade and Industry, Cooperatives and Marketing  
  Deputy Minister of  Agriculture  
  Deputy Minister of Education  
  Deputy Minister of Health  
  Deputy Minister of Home Affairs