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Ministry of Information, Communications, Science, Technology and Innovation


To be a vibrant information hub, leaders in technology and research moving toward a prosperous, innovative, stable and sustainable democracy and knowledge based society.


To provide affordable, sustainable, accessible and reliable communications services, be a provider and reservoir of technological knowhow through research and development, coordination of innovation, to accelerate economic growth and improve quality of life.

MICSTI Services

  • Technology services
  • Information services
  • Broadcasting services

Ministerial Cherished Values

Values largely set the culture that will drive management and staff behavior in pursuing the mission and achieving high levels of organizational performance. The following are the MICSTI cherished values:

  • Accountability 
  • We shall be answerable for our actions Honesty –
  • We shall cultivate a culture of zero tolerance to corruption Resilience 
  • We shall exercise total resilience to diversions from our practices Effectiveness and efficiency 
  • We are committed to providing timely, high quality services and products to the nation Transparency 
  • Our job as Ministry shall be open to criticism and scrutiny Sustainability
  • We shall maintain high standards of service delivery Proactive 
  • We shall be a step ahead of our competitors in the provision of services to our people Target Oriented – Serving the public with precision and without prejudice.