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Ministry of Local Government, Chieftainship, Home Affairs and Police


A safe, secure and prosperous Lesotho where everyone enjoys their identity and citizenship by 2030.


To promote safety and security, deepen and consolidate a sustainable and effective system of local governance, policing, national population and livestock registration and manage migration for improved service delivery and enhanced quality of life.


The Local Government, Chieftainship, Home Affairs and Police is responsible for the following:

To register and affirm the identity, status of citizens and non-citizens and their livestock, manage migration efficiently and securely enable citizens and non-citizens exercise their constitutional rights of freedom of movement and access services.


To protect life and property through maintenance of law and order in the country, prevent and detect crime and promote efficiency and effectiveness of police services.


To coordinate and oversee the implementation of decentralization, strengthen Chieftainship Institution, promote effectiveness and efficiency of land management strategies and ensure provision of affordable housing. 


  1. To prevent, detect and reduce crime.
  2. To safe and protect life and property
  3. To control and regulate movement of persons into and out of Lesotho.
  4. To protect and verify identity status of citizens and non-citizens resident in Lesotho and their livestock.
  5. To strengthen local councils, chieftainship and police in the provision of effective and efficient quality service to the nation.
  6. To promote sustainable land management and administration in Lesotho.
  7. To facilitate the delivery of affordable quality houses to Basotho within planned settlements.