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Regeneration of Landscape and Livelihoods (ROLL) held a meeting with Sentebale and Avocado Vision from South Africa in Maseru.

The purpose of the meeting was to give feedback on the progress made in their project carried out at the community level by service providers.

The Sentebale Monitor Evaluation of Account and Learning Director, Mr. Maema Ramaema said Sentebale and Avocado Vision are working together to help Basotho Nation to protect their communities, saying they encourage the formation of community groups to promote local action and empower Basotho to preserve their natural resources.

The Roll Fund Design Specialist, Mr. Letsatsi Lesuoa said Roll initiatives involve agriculture, forestry, water management, and the preservation of natural resources, stressing that they identify herdboys as potential leaders in this effort because they have extensive knowledge of the local environment.

In conclusion, he noted that they seek to involve at least 40 percent of women and 20 percent of youth in the community groups, saying they believe women possess valuable knowledge about the local environment and its needs.

The project’s objective is to ensure that communities in rural areas adopt transformational practices for regenerated landscapes and sustainable livelihoods, leading to improved nutrition and adaptation to climate change. Also, to change resource use practices, reduction of environmental degradation and the establishment of a facility and a fund for landscape regeneration.

The Ministries of Environment and Forestry and of Finance and Development Planning have been identified as pivotal in this initiative and are expected to play an important role in making sure that the project becomes a success.

By Kabelo Lethoasa


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