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The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition (MAFSN)


The Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition (MAFSN) was first established in 1935 as the Department of Agriculture. Since its inception, like any other government Ministry and/or department, the Ministry has not been immune to transformations and structural changes that have been occurring. Following a government wide reorganisation and restructuring of Ministries and Departments, the Ministry’s was renamed Ministry of Agriculture and Food Security in 2003. Today the Ministry is now known as Ministry of Agriculture, Food Security and Nutrition. The Ministry’s principal responsibility is to facilitate sustainable production and productivity of agricultural outputs and promotion of food and nutrition security in the country.


Prosperous farming communities that boast with sustainable food security, and progressive socio-economic development, attained through adaptive, innovative, efficient and effective methodologies for increased agricultural production by 2023.


Promote increased agriculture production, food and nutrition security at national and household level through efficient and effective extension services.


 To promote, manage and regulate agricultural development activities in order to
enhance food and nutrition security in the country.


 “Ha li panoe, mohoma temeng”

Bilateral Cooperation

  • Provision of economic and political advice
  • Negotiation of bilateral agreements
  • Mobilisation of ODA
  • Facilitation of Economic growth and development initiatives
  • Promotion of International relations and Joint Bilateral Commissions of Cooperation
  • Facilitation of trade and investment promotion
  • Liaison between missions, line ministries and parastatals

Multilateral Cooperation

  • Negotiation of Multilateral Agreements
  • Signing, Ratification and accession of agreements
  • Summits, Conferences and Meetings
  • Coordination of participation of people in the Diaspora in Lesotho’s development efforts