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Trade, Industry, Business Development and Tourism


A well developed and conducive environment for trading, industrialization, tourism and investment promotion for all traders, investors and cooperators in Lesotho. 


To create and maintain an enabling environment for business development, trade, investment, tourism, cooperatives, and Industrialisation for private sector led job creation and poverty reduction. 


  • Enhance productive capacity of producers, competitiveness and increase Lesotho’s exports into regional and international markets 
  • Improve investment climate and trade facilitation logistics 
  • Strengthen investment, trade and tourism promotion 
  • Promote linkages between large foreign-owned companies and local small and medium enterprises 
  • Promote cooperatives, entrepreneurship and consumer protection campaigns 
  • Strengthen trade and investment institutions’ capacity and efficiency 
  • Strengthen the capacity of MTIBDT’s staff for efficient and effective Delivery of Services to clients 
  • Strengthen and promote quality infrastructure 
  • Promote growth and sustainability of Micro-Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMES) and cooperatives. 
  • Maintain timely, quality and accurate data evidence-based policy formulation and informed decision making 
  • Diversify products and improve market access for Lesotho’s goods and services 
  • Develop and establish standardization, metrology, conformity assessment and accreditation institutions 

Ministerial Services

  • Company Registration 
  • Manufacturing Licences 
  • Business Licensing and Business Registration 
  • Import visas 
  • Export visas 
  • Rebates 
  • Trade Remedies 
  • Work Permits 
  • Residence permits 
  • Permit to Import fruits and vegetables from Republic of South Africa 
  • Business Inspection 
  • Consumer Dispute Resolution (All services offered at Consumer Section are free) 
  • Propagate co-operative ideology and concept 
  • Mobilise communities to form co-operatives enterprises 
  • Assist in the creation and formation of co-operative entities 
  • Formalize through registration established co-operative entities 
  • Supervision of registered co-operatives to ensure compliance to co-operative laws, bye-laws practices and universal principles 
  • Facilitate registration and establishment of MSMEs entities. 
  • Facilitate the capacity building of MSMEs through our implementing arms: Basotho Enterprise Development Corporation (BEDCO), Partial Credit Guarantee Fund (PCGF), Lesotho Opportunities industrialization Centre (LOIC) and Lesotho Cooperative College (LCC). 
  •  Regulate and monitor the tourism and hospitality industries  
  • Licensing of off-sales and hospitality industries 
  • Designation of Tourism development Areas (TDAs), Selected Development Areas (SDAs) etc.