About 24 senators of the total 32, on Tuesday voted in support for the Ninth Amendment to the Constitution Bill 2019.

This came after the Bill was presented before legislation committee by a private member who is also a member of the National Assembly, Advocate Lekhetho Rakuoane.

Speaking in support of the Bill, the Principal Chief of Leribe, Chief Joel Motsoene said the intention with the Bill is good, saying interest of the public should be put first when dealing with bills of this nature as thus patriotism and social development are important for the country’s development.

Chief Peete Lesaoana Peete said the bill will bring change for Basotho, commenting that laws are made for a reason and that it is correct that laws are amended so that they cater for various issues.
He also emphasised need for patriotism among Basotho, urging Senators and members of the National Assembly to always be serious when dealing with national issues.

On the same note, the Principal Chief of Matsieng, Chief Seeiso Bereng Seeiso remarked that Senators should ‘rise above the frame’ and display leadership, saying it is their responsibility to guide the nation to reconciliation.

Chief Seeiso emphasised the need to focus on stability and welfare of the country not individual interests, commenting that what Senators seek is peace and unity for Basotho.

The Ninth Amendment to the Constitution Bill 2019 proposes to make Parliament play a more meaningful role in the dissolution of Parliament, especially in circumstances where the Prime Minister (PM) wishes to advise His Majesty to dissolve Parliament or where a vote of no confidence is passed in the Government of Lesotho.

It further proposes that the Prime Minister should not advise His Majesty to dissolve Parliament unless he obtains majority support of the members of the National Assembly as currently he has two options where a vote of no confidence is passed upon his government in that he may either resign from his office within three days after the passing of the vote of no confidence or may advise His Majesty to dissolve Parliament.

The Bill proposes to give the Prime Minister one option only, which is, he has to resign from his office as Prime Minister.

The Bill also provides for a mechanism for the appointment of a new Prime Minister where the Prime Minister dies while in office or resigns from his office depending on the period left before the next general elections.

Source: LENA 29/04/2020

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