In a spirited call to action, the Minister of Tourism, Sports, and Culture, Mr. Motlatsi Maqelepo has urged Basotho to throw their support behind the national football team Likuena in a bid to strengthen their success.

The Minister appealed to Basotho to showcase their solidarity by wearing their football attire this coming Friday.

With an unwavering belief in the power of unified support, Mr. Maqelepo emphasised the pivotal role that collective encouragement plays in uplifting and motivating the national team.

He said Likuena is representing Lesotho on the international stage and is set to embark on a crucial journey, stressing the significance of national backing in propelling the team towards victory.

Speaking during a press conference, the Minister said, “Our support can serve as a driving force for Likuena’s triumphs. Wearing football gear this Friday is a simple yet impactful gesture to demonstrate our unwavering support for our national team.”

The call to put on football attire every Friday aims to create a vibrant display of national pride and solidarity.

He said by rallying together in a show of support, Basotho have the opportunity to fuel Likuena’s determination and elevate their morale as they represent the nation in upcoming competitions.

Mr. Maqelepo further underscored the potential positive impact of collective encouragement, emphasising the unity of support has the ability to transcend boundaries and inspire the team to achieve remarkable feats.

As the nation gears up to rally behind Likuena, citizens eagerly anticipate an inspiring display of unity and support for the national team on Friday, symbolizing a shared commitment to their success on the field.

Likuena will play its first game on Thursday at Uyo while in Nigeria and they will again play their second game at Moses Mabhida Stadium. Lesotho is in Group C alongside Nigeria, Rwanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Benin. The 2024 World Cup will be hosted in Canada, the USA and Mexico.

By Staff Reporter: Noliwe Velaphe

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