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The sector vision is a nation where every poor and vulnerable person is empowered through the creation of a caring and integrated system of social development services that facilitate sustainable human development


The mission statement of the Ministry of Social Development is to lead and facilitate the provision of Sustainable Social development services that are universally accessible to all groups in Lesotho in collaboration with other key stakeholders.


The objectives for the Ministry of Social Development are to:

  • Formulate policy and strengthen legal frameworks for facilitating Social Development of the poor and marginalized groups
  • Oversee the provision of Social Development services to foster universal and equitable access to all poor and vulnerable groups
  • Protect and promote the rights of all poor and vulnerable groups to ensure that their basic needs are met
  • Mitigate the impact of HIV/ AIDS pandemic on vulnerable groups
  • Advocate and lobby for prioritization of the needs of the poor and vulnerable groups in the national development agenda and all aspects of life
  • Develop and promote innovative evidence-based interventions and approaches to Social Development.